#5 Less Known Facts About “Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam”

As we all know how Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was kind and simple person but there are some more facts which very less people know As we all know how Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam was. Some of them are mentioned below


1. The Famous Scientist of the Nation Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is spiritual person.He applies spiritual practices in his day to day life.

2. The Very Important Fact about “Kalam Sahab” was this that he always carry “Bhagwat Geeta” and “Holy Kuran” with him and used to read both daily. “Kalam Sahab” believed in All Religions

3. “Dr.Kalam” was devotee  of India’s renowned Spiritual Master “Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba” and always visit his ashram. “Dr.Kalam” always wanted to sit on the floor as a normal devotee.

But as he was President that time, this is not correct to sit on the floor instead of chair for him. Sathya Sai Baba told him to sit on chair only.

This is the simplicity of “Dr.Kalam” that as he was president but didn’t want any special treatment, he just want to live as normal person and he did the same.



4. “Dr.Kalam” always donated his saved money and income to NGO’s. He came with one bag to the President house and after completion of term goes with that one bag only.



5.While serving at ISRO, he used to face the press whenever a launch failed, accepting it as his own mistake. But one huge success and he is nowhere to be seen. He sent his fellow scientists to talk to the press.


There is still many things hidden, which we don’t know about the person whom we never be forget. Dr. Kalam always inspires all of us through his life.





By – Adarsh Beohar


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