Patelo ki Pateli – Video


if you know and if you are the one who don’t know about “Patel Guys” then must watch the video.

The language is used in this video is “Bundelkhandi” Hindi which is basically used in “Madhya Pradesh”.

Please Drive Safely, don’t drive without bearing helmet.This is risky to you as well as other persons.

Must watch this video if you are bundelkhandi.

share jarur karen agar aapko lagta hai ki aapka koi dost, ristedaaar ya koi tau iss tarah se gadi chalata ho  to ki – tau gadi thodi dhang se chala le. SHARE IT

2 lines For PATELS

patelo ki yaari jaise sher ki sawari….

                   ladne ko taiyaar hamesha, soche hai puri dunia hamari…

By – Adarsh Beohar



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